cart art 13 status

cart-art-13-sketchI've been wanting to make a wreath design on one of our cards for years and I've never been very successful. cart art '08 was my first attempt - I mailed them but I was never happy with it. this past summer I was playing around in the updated paper app on my ipad (watch the video - this app is so cool) and I came up with something I thought might be really great and looks an awful lot like my necklaces. clever right? here's what I was thinking (scribbled above):

  • paint 1.5" wide stripes on water color with various shades of green
  • use a 1.5" circle hole punch positioned over the seam of two colors
  • connect discs together with a straight line stitch on my sewing machine
  • (see card art '11 for reference)
  • affix short length of watercolor discs to card using red ribbon, discs will magically fall into shape of wreath
  • send to friends and family, oooohs and aaaahs to follow

here's where that business stands - I painted up some stripes on 4 pieces of watercolor paper the other night, left them to dry and when I checked the first thing I thought was, "they're so.... BRIGHT" which isn't the look I was going for and the hole punch I own is actually a 2" circle which is too big. this design calls for a 1" circle and I'm intent on making this card using only supplies I already own. (not including the actual cards and any adhesive needed)

we mail out a significant number of cards each year and time is not on my side. I began to feel overwhelmed and frustrated which wasn't helping my lower than normal holidazzle vibe but I knew I had to move on to plan B this weekend. watercolor

plan B is currently underway. stay tuned...