handmade gilded stemware

gilded-stemwareI've got this lookbook idea that I've been cooking up with a few of my favorite boston bloggers and I've been having some fun planning this cocktail party-like get together. one of the things I don't have, but love the idea of, is a fancy bar setup and fancy stemware is obviously a must have. I wanted something a little different, something with a little sparkle and I definitely didn't want to spend a ton of money on glasses that I don't need in real life. based on my inspiration board I realized I could whip something up for very few dollars. inspiration-stemware

I picked up a few of these IKEA stemless glasses ($3 each), my favorite martha stewart liquid gilding paint ($7), a fine line gold paint pen ($4) and a few 'disposable' craft paint brushes (this paint isn't water soluble) and got busy. I soaked the bottoms of each glass to get those pesky stickers off and then thoroughly washed and dried them before I got started on one of the glasses as a tester, trying out my different pattern ideas to see what worked best and with which medium.

so it turns out painting with a very fluid paint on a non-flat surface is VERY  hard to do and this liquid gold isn't very forgiving. I was very happy with the way the sloping 'dip' effect worked out (shown at top) plus I don't think it'll take away from the fun cocktail that's going in it (more on that drink special another time...) I really wanted to make a confetti-like dot pattern, too but the pen was too fine a dot and it took a few tries before I could get the liquid paint to work. it was definitely more time consuming but I love the way it came out - giraffe-like spots instead of perfectly round polka dots.dotted-stemware

I'm getting really excited (and nervous) for this get together but I've got WAY too many ideas swirling and not enough time. if I do end up with a little extra then I'm totally going to doctor up these leftover glass plates (here and here) as appetizer plates to match my stemware.

PS - it should be noted that this liquid gold paint is a non-food safe paint but I kept it away from the rim of the stemware. you should decide if this something you're comfortable with doing but as far as I'm concerned YOLO. also, each of these painted pieces are definitely hand wash only.

PPS - here's another great take on gilded DIY glassware