ideal customer

emma-thompsonearlier this year I worked on some branding exercises which included getting real about who my ideal customer might be. (you should know that the same women on this list are also on my 'if they knew me in real life we'd be best friends' list.) but missing from that round up is emma thompson.

as soon as I saw this tweet last week:

I clicked through for that photo alone. emma thompson is wearing leather pants and looks kickass. once I finished reading the article I scrolled through the gallery and found the top photo which I'm thinking I'll have framed. also, you can fully expect me to put this exact outfit in heavy rotation. emma's nine years older than I am so if there was ever a question of being too old for leather pants it was just squashed.

PS - whenever Bob is traveling and there's nothing on TV I watch sense and sensibility (or pride and prejudice - the keira knightley edition). I've watched it so much I'm on my second DVD. you should know that emma is married to 'willoughby' in real life. and now that it's the holiday season, I'll be watching love, actually all winter long. (that gem came out ten years ago - can you believe it?)