• so... christmas is in nineteen days. NINETEEN DAYS!! and I'm just not feeling it
  • if you've got any tips for festive mood altering techniques please pass them my way (the snow effect here on the blog isn't doing it)
  • part of the problem is that it feels like november 6 instead december 6 and I think that's partly because the kids aren't home
  • I decked our halls this week all by myself - which normally I relish because I like things JUST SO but it's only satisfying when you work at it all day and then everyone comes home fired up to see the transformation.
  • fenway wasn't impressed
  • I haven't even started card art '13 but I can see it clearly in my head so hopefully it goes smoothly
  • for reference, here's card art '11 and card art '12 
  • I'll start it next week (once this weekend and my super special holiday lookbook shindig is in the books) and that might help my un-merry mood
  • I can't take a photo of all three kids until after december 20 so it'll be another year of sending almost new year's cards #YOLO
  • I found this nest yesterday while I was holidazzling outside and stopped to admire it - especially the little pilfered pieces of the kids' hockey net woven in for strength
  • I'm 100% sure this nest belongs to fenway's nemesis
  • twice we found abandoned bird nests in our christmas trees - I still have them
  • fa la la la la