let's talk: concealer

lotions-and-potionsI'm always on the lookout for a skincare miracle and you guys - this concealer is the REAL DEAL. honestly.  I'm not opposed to drugstore cosmetics (I've been a loyal covergirl for years) but sometimes, you need something a little stronger. a little brighter. a little thicker. I've faithfully worn sunscreen daily since forever ago (thanks mom) and wear hats yet I still find an increasing number of sun spots each month. on top of that I'm not the best at getting enough water or sleep and the dark circles are there to prove it. I've had a hard time covering it all without looking like a geisha and I'm willing to try any product to get the right results. I don't throw $40 at just anything but when a friend said she uses marc jacob's remedy concealer and loved it, I figured what the heck. I picked up my first tube back in the middle of october, have used it daily since and it literally just ran out almost 2 months later. there's a neat little window on the side to let you know how much you have left and I've been watching it for 3 weeks now but it kept going and going. the other neat feature is the "patented palladium applicator that cools on contact to reduce puffiness and one click is all it takes for the perfect amount of product." (side note: while it does feel really cold on my skin, I'm not 100% convinced it's creating any serious reduction of puffiness for the 3 seconds it's under my eyes)

true story: the first time my sister in law saw me after I started wearing it she said I looked great and wondered what I was doing differently. in her defense, she's in the business and notices these things which only deepened my love for this stuff. would I steer you wrong? I'm headed to pick up a replacement tube at sephora and I think I'll give his genius foundation a try. (his words, not mine) fingers crossed and I'll let you know how it goes.