my etsy pop up shop!

purple-striped-felted-tote you guys.. I sold my first felted bag!!!

a couple weeks ago, in an attempt to tackle my ecommerce dilemma, I moved all the non-necklace items out of my bigcartel shop. my thinking was, if I'm going to charge what I'm charging for my necklaces then I shouldn't look like a craft shop. not that there's anything wrong with craft shops but my jewelry has NEVER sold at craft shows and aligns more with high end wearable art. so I re-opened my etsy shop and moved a few items over there as an experiment. etsy is a conversation all to itself but my general experience hasn't been a very successful one.

until this past weekend! a lovely woman in california found my shop all by herself and voilà - she is now the proud owner of one original seagrass studio felted tote in pantone's 2014 color of the year - orchid. there are several reasons I haven't been knitting but in the back of my mind was always this idea that I have bunches of bags and no homes for them. until now. my plan is to list a few more of finished bags and get knitting again during some of my long car rides to see the girls.

for the curious - here's a little backstory on my history of knitting and here's my amazing yarn storage system