out on a school night with boston bloggers

holiday-partyafter spending an unheard of 30 minutes on my hair, I headed out to the 2013 holiday meet + greet at the warehouse in boston last night. I went overboard on the holidazzle last year so this year I thought I'd take it down a notch and showcase my newest necklace design (as yet unnamed). I only took a few photos but trust me when I say it was a great time. kate and alison have worked so hard to put on these events, finding new venues each time and creating a great sense of community. warehousefriendsa-and-krecently a few friends (alex and kelly to name two) have blogged their answer to the question 'why do you blog?' and last night a couple of guys at the bar stopped me and asked me the very same question. actually it was more along the lines of 'how is a blog any different than facebook?' I imagine it was interesting to watch our group from a distance and they were genuinely curious. I did my best to explain why I blog and really why most do - it's a creative outlet. whether you blog about food, crafts, writing, photography, art, jewelry, fitness or whatever, it all comes from the same place. we are all creative people who document and share our experiences, to inspire or be inspired and icing is finding and meeting like minded people. boston bloggers is a community. I think about where I was a little over two years ago** when I started this blog to where I am today and I am forever grateful for this group of (mostly) women, for their words and for their friendship.

**PS  this very first post of mine has to be the absolute worst blog post in the history of blog posts. not even a photo! admittedly the first few months of this blog were a total experiment and are an embarrassing reminder of where I came from and how much I've grown. I've been tempted to take them down but I'm more interested in keeping it real so they'll stay. #nomomleftbehind **PSS this is what happens when I spend 30 minutes on my hair. all I can hear in my head is 'ladies of the 80's' from pitch perfect's riff off. oh well.