here's what I'm thinking

multi-strand, hand painted necklace it's been awhile since I've painted these round beads. originally, I painted multiple patterns in a variety of sizes because I never knew how each necklace would turn out - I wanted options and it was easier to have a stash to pull from. I never used very many of these 3/8" small beads but I somehow ended up with a bowl full of them. with another snowstorm holding us hostage inside this weekend I pulled them out and got to assembling something I've been thinking about. I've seen similar necklaces of one solid color and last summer I instagrammed two of my necklaces together (below) but I knew I could make this idea work.two-is-better than onethis is even better than I imagined.  I need different findings to really make this construction work but I love the way it turned out. the possibilities are endless with this design - can you imagine this in ombré? or something like this full size deirdre necklace  (below) in the 3/8"  bead version would be stunning (and unbelievably less heavy - three of those really add up)

dierdre-stackthey're like your grandmother's pearls but better. how would you style five strands of 280 hand painted beads? multi-strand-side