• in between all the snowstorms, the sun poked thru the trees and my yard looked like a gorgeous slab of Carrera marble
  • not sure if you've noticed but we're officially over here
  • it was a pretty quiet transition but I'm thinking once I make a few more updates I'll make a little noise about it
  • I will make noise about how my new necklace experiment SOLD less than 24 hours after posting
  • which reminds me - if you're ever interested in something you see around here, shoot me an email! I'm painfully slow at getting things listed in the shop
  • I'm also really bad at learning how to make woocommerce happen on my site
  • I missed this space of mine for those four weeks it was in limbo
  • as I type, the snow is melting but I'm not convinced winter is thru with us just yet
  • but I don't care because we're crashing the snow bird party in florida next month
  • enjoy your weekend!