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drybar datea couple of weeks ago I took the girls to the drybar in chestnut hill. the boston bloggers group has put together a couple of events there and I've not signed up because, well.... you know. short hair. I LOVE the idea of it all though and knew this was something both girls would be all over and I figured I could enjoy it vicariously so I booked them each an appointment on the last day of their long weekend so they'd head back to school looking fabulous. even if it was a wet, wintry day.lulu-afterI know. none of the above is new or valuable information. hang on... because my site migration was mucking things up I didn't have access to my blog and found myself without an outlet to post.  fortunately, I found exposure - a fabulous, relatively new site to showcase your photographs and tell a story. it's ridiculously easy to use - all drag and drop - with multiple display/layout options. you can add text, make it as long as you'd like and link to your social media with a slick profile page to find all your posts. you can check out my drybar story here.

I think this'll be a great way to share photos with my family. I used to create albums in mobileme on my mac but since apple did away with that feature it's been hard to find a place to post photos. there's no membership or login required to view posts so it's particularly great for some of my older relatives who aren't as savvy with flickr, smugmug, etc. and aren't likely to read my blog. (sad, but true).

leavingso the happy ending in this whole post is a huge thumbs up for drybar AND exposure.

the end