an ode to winter

colorless-locustat this point in the year we're all ready for spring. like REALLY ready but I was scrolling thru all the photos on my phone* recently and I realized that I've taken a fair amount of photos this winter, about this winter. some of them are even pretty great so I decided to create another exposure album as an ode of sorts to this ridiculous winter. check it out here and go make one of your own photo montage/albums. *PSA - speaking of photos and ridiculous... backup your photos from your phone. I'm currently at 8,206 and I'd be devastated if anything happened to them.** I need to make room for new photos so I'm planning to remove them in addition to backing up to dropbox. it just makes sense people.

** in truth, I'd be really upset if I lost 80% of them. what I really need to do is go thru and actually delete the crappy, five-more-taken-from-a-different-angle, "I'm at target, is this the right flavor deodorant you want?" and hacked photos that take up valuable space and aren't worth saving. well, maybe I'll keep a few of the kids' selfies.