hey monday

orchid-seedhow was your weekend? with all this recent rainy weather in the northeast, I was able to accomplish a lot in my 'studio' (aka: kitchen work desk) including the above necklace. technically I started it before we left for spring break but I stalled out for some reason. that happens sometimes and ideas/projects that keep me up at night suddenly go cold and I have a hard time finishing them. I'm not sure what triggers a newfound interest but this weekend it happened and I just went with it.  there's been a fair amount of talk online recently about how to get out of a creative slump but I haven't read any of the articles. mostly because it's such a personal thing. I'm not saying they're all wrong. more like the suggestions are kind of obvious like: get offline, go exploring or clean/reorganize your workspace. I've always been someone who likes instant gratification and does her best work at the 11th hour. I'm not proud of that but it's been a pattern since college. I'm curious if you have any personal tricks to get motivated. are you a procrastinator like me or are you pretty good at ploughing through until you hit a wall?