in my closet

yellow-trenchtechnically, it's not in my closet. yet... I saw this printed trench at target a couple weeks ago and threw it in my cart. the last thing I need is another coat but I really really liked it. like a lot. in person it's less sunshine-y yellow and more citron green and the pattern is super subtle but still - I don't need another coat. I finished my shopping and returned the coat to the rack knowing I was making a good, but hard decision. yay me.

but I still think about this coat and that, to me, is the key to making smart purchases. and so I've made a deal with myself - if I end up at target, and it's in my size AND on sale, then I get to buy it.

Spotted-Olivia-embodying-Spring-warmth-embellished-yellowand you should know that I have every intention of whipping up a DIY to make it look like this marchesa / olivia palermo version I saw last year on pinterest. it's not the same slubby, swing coat style but with the addition of a few key embellished bridal pieces on the cuffs and at the collar it'll be close enough for my taste. I might even see about making it a smidge shorter, too.

stay tuned...

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