instant art

inspired-by like I said before, this might be the easiest art you'll ever make.

I picked up a couple of empty frames last year at brimfield and thought I'd make something to fill this one using my super secret sketching technique. (and no, your eyes aren't screwy - the frame isn't square) I picked up an inexpensive pad of paper at the local craft store and traced the frame's odd inside dimensions onto a piece of paper so I'd know what size to make and then I grabbed my favorite pen (the pilot precise V5 RT ) and sat in front of my as-yet-still-living fiddle leaf fig plant.

a-few-suppliestechnically, you can use any writing utensil and paper you like - sometimes it's fun to use pencil on watercolor paper because the tooth has an interesting texture. I chose my pen and paper because I like the casual, sketch-like feel and it looks like it could be a study of something more important to come, like an under-painting or a series. picasso has fabulous continuous line drawings like this camel.


I turned my plant around to find an interesting and not too intricate pair of leaves. once I found I what I was looking for, I put my trimmed paper in front of me, found a logical corner to start drawing, put my pen on the paper, looked up and just started drawing one continuous line. a few pointers:

  • don't worry about what it's going to look like - stay loose
  • don't cheat and look down
  • don't pick your pen up - just trust
  • don't rush - move your pen and your eyes at the same pace (this one's tricky)

that's it! there's literally no wrong way to do this. the more you worry about each line or going back over the same place the harder it'll be. don't like the first try? give it another go. mine don't look just like a fiddle leaf fig but a suggestion of a fiddle leaf fig and I love it.

decisionsframedPS - the 'art' in the top photo is actually digital - I made it with my wacom tablet. PPS - when jack was in fifth grade I had his class pair up and make portraits using this technique. that might not have had anything to do with why I was supposed to be volunteering in his history class but it was by far the most fun I've had as a parent helper. I made this portrait of a certain puggle

fenway PPPS - the first brimfield antique show dates for 2014 are may 13-18