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for me, there's just something about nina garcia. I appreciate her confidence, her style and her career and I will always read every interview she gives. this one with garance doré is a favorite and bonus if there's photos of her fabulous apartment. I'll have whatever she's having, thank you.

which brings me to quarterly -"curated packages from people you care about." you mean to tell me that I can sign up to receive a 'care package' from nina herself 4 times a year?! a surprise box filled with exclusive, one-of-a-kind accessories, fashion, beauty, and home items?!  um... yes.

and here's a thought - I have an incredibly hard-to-gift guy in my life and think I've just found my solution/salvation. I just need to choose one of the 50 curator's packages. I'm thinking he'd love a fitness package, a technology/toy package or a tina roth eisenberg curated box. at some price points, I could probably get two.

PS - nina garcia and I went to high school together. PPS - ok fine. not really together so much as the same school - she graduated 3 years ahead of me.