here's what I'm thinking - updated

hand painted necklace / elizabethcraneswartz.comhave you ever had a really great idea and then spent some serious time working on it and it just doesn't come out the way you pictured it would? that's my current studio status and I'm frustrated. I wrote about my love of the color green and the necklace idea I had a couple months ago. initially I thought it would be a bib necklace design but then I was thinking something more like my five strand, leftover bead necklace. in my head it was gorgeous but here in my studio it's beautiful but... not what I pictured. sometimes when this happens I end up abandoning the whole thing but this time I'm invested enough that I need to keep tweaking and problem solve. I'm back to the bib necklace style but I think I'm going to use the gigantic beads I have - they're twice as big as the others - and more of them.

hand painted necklaces / elizabethcraneswartz.comwish me luck.

UPDATE: my talented musician friend Ross commented over on facebook about the purpose of a studio and it's worth putting here for all to see and for me to refer back when I'm just not feeling it - The studio is both wonderful and dangerous—a creative den, but also a laboratory. It's where we make what we know, but also where we experiment with ideas. The frustration of trying to problem-solve what SHOULD BE a GREAT IDEA can be extremely frustrating. And the flip side is that it can be just as extremely rewarding, of course. But, yeah, the things that I've abandoned in the name of "not quite what I pictured/heard/thought it should be" would fill a couple of albums, at least.

PS - I'm thinking about a pop-up sample sale with my one-offs and dry runs. stay tuned...