in my closet

in my closet / elizabethcraneswartz.comso this never made it into my closet and I'm a little disappointed but you win some, you lose some. I wasn't willing to risk this gem waiting for a bigger discount so I took advantage of j. crew's current discount code. I'll be #worktripcrashing next month and this navy sequin skirt will be PERFECT. will I be over dressed? maybe. do I care? no. what I do care about is what shoes I'll be wearing. do I even have the right shoes? if not, where can I find the right shoes? suggestions welcome...

PS - when I tag along on one of bob's work trips I like to make use of this hashtag. in this particular case, he has meetings before our #boondoggle so I'll be joining him

PPS - a boondoggle is what I call bob's company's fabulous incentive trips