new business plan: trying to be awesome


old Ann Taylor blazer, Target blouse, Gap jeans, mystery sequin belt, crazy big BP/Nordstrom ring

first - I've written and rewritten and 'saved draft' and 'moved to trash' and rewritten (rinse & repeat) this post at least 8 times in the last week. if you follow me on instagram or facebook then you know I've been posting more pictures of myself recently. you should also know that I find this awkward and uncomfortable but I have a reason, I promise.

and about this first photo - I asked Bob to take a quick picture of me before the whiskey tasting in between his conference calls. I handed him my phone, told him what I wanted and he said, "but you're not wearing a necklace." I was surprised he noticed and I knew he was pressed for time but as soon as I saw the photo (above) I knew he was right. it was too late though - he was back on the phone so I took the picture myself. (below)

so... I've been studying small, creative businesses - their social media' technique', what approach helps them grow and why I like / connect with each of them. one that I admire in particular is jolie ankrom of brim papery. jolie has been honest and generous with what she's learned so far about how she runs her creative business and it's been fascinating to follow. (especially this post about using instagram for your business) jolie hustles - she puts her work out there daily in a creative and personal way and she connects with her customers. another kickass hustler I'm really in to is alison faulkner who has a fabulous video series called 'how to be awesome' - I highly recommend checking them out.

I need to hustle more. I know that I'm talented and creative and stylish (read: awesome) but I don't advertise this about myself. I believe these things but in a quiet, sit-in-the-back-of-the-class-and-please-don't-call-on-me awesome. in the real world, this doesn't matter but in this business of making and selling, it matters a lot and who else is going to sell my jewelry better than me? no one.

well, technically my mother is a boss at selling my necklaces but that's because she's actually wearing one and then women love the whole look so they'll ask where to buy it, etc. which made me realize that I'd be much more successful in business (read: awesome out loud) if I put myself out there (like my mother) and create personal connections. it's all about sharing my work, showing my personal style and behaving like a business.

an early attempt at selfie-taking /

and now wearing my coral & gold leaf hand painted disc necklace - here's a similar one

so I guess this is just a heads up that you'll literally be seeing more of me and that I think you're all awesome for following along. seriously.

PS - if you ever see one of my necklaces but it's not listed in the shop, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do!