out on a school night with whiskey

Irish call it whiskey, scotch call it whisky / elizabethcraneswartz.comI grew up not far from davis square/somerville but I haven't been back in forever. that needs to change because I found out that I'm clearly missing out on some fun. kate and alison organized another great boston blogger event (with the help of liz from all heart pr) at saloon on elm street. let's first start with how I couldn't figure out where the event was even though my google maps was telling me I was literally standing inside the joint. fortunately for me, smita and elizabeth were enjoying coffee together at diesel cafe and watched me walk by two or three times and came to my rescue. (reason #2 on why I need to go to davis square more - you run into the best people!) what you need to know is that it's below Foundry. you'll know you're in the right place because as you walk down the stairs you'll enter into the pre-prohibition-like speakeasy joint with all its wood panels and cozy corners. cozy-saloonwe spent a couple of hours with saloon's beverage director, manny gonzales, learning about where whiskey (or 'whisky' if you're from scotland) comes from, its history, the nuances and the blending that makes something a rye vs. a bourbon vs. a scotch vs. an irish whiskey. I'm not sure I'm completely converted but I really appreciate at least sounding like I know what's going on and I'm much more likely to give an amber colored drink a try. a little Kilbaggin irish whiskey / elizabethcraneswartz.com and as usual, one of the best parts is meeting new people and catching up with friends.