me and my shorties / it's here. FINALLY! the end of the school year has arrived. jack came home a month ago (I know, right?) but the girls are officially done today. we're headed to pick them up this weekend and then our house will be filled with my people, loads (and loads) of laundry and plenty of discussions about who gets the car. YAY! almost three whole months with my people. fenway will be THRILLED!

enjoy your weekend, thank you again for reading and it feels really nice to be feeling more like myself. xoxo

a little PS: yes, I'm kind of growing my hair out and no, I'm not totally sold on the idea. it's been a particularly frustrating few weeks trying to figure out how to manage it. some days I think I can do it and other days I end up looking like richie and howie from the bench warmers and I'm ready to make an appointment. ugh.howie-and-richie