big news!

hand painted necklaces / elizabethcraneswartz.bigcartel.comSAMPLE SALE!!!

I've been talking about it for awhile and I posted a teaser a couple weeks ago but I finally carved out time this weekend to photograph and post some of my new sample pendant necklaces in the shop.fabulous new sample sale on

I'm not sure how describe my design process but I typically paint particular colors/designs on several different sized beads. I do this for multiple colors/designs so I have options when assembling each necklace. invariably I end up with 'extra' beads. or sometimes I try something new - a new color palette or a new pattern - and these are the beads that I've been accumulating.

I'm really excited to offer this new and simple necklace. it's perfect for summer and super easy to mix and match. four hand painted beads strung on a gold plated chain with a 16"-ish drop. I've got 6 listed this morning with a few more to come.hand painted necklace /

so what are you waiting for??!!