branding idea

letter-E-stampI'm always seeking out new ways to package my jewelry to set me apart. something that let's you know that you bought an original piece and that I care about you, my customer. my mother and my aunt have always said I should paint my initials on the last bead of a necklace but when I'm painting, I never know which bead will be the last - I assemble my necklaces afterwards when I can see all the different pieces and figure out the best composition. mini-anvilone idea i had was adding initialed tags to the clasp of each necklace. I found an import company that makes them but I would've had to order 1000+ and I'm optimistic as-all-get-out but 1000 might be a bit crazy. a couple weeks ago I found an inexpensive source for smaller quantities but they're blank. I knew I could find a small stamping kit at my craft store so I ordered a few to give it a try.

yeah... it's a lot harder than it looks. the jump ring on these gold-filled tags isn't removable so it doesn't sit flat for stamping and it gets in the way of the letter stamp so I can't fit ECS, just E. also, one whack was too light and two whacks dents the whole tag. I won't be hanging these on my necklaces any time soon.

tagsdoes anyone know of a good source? one that I can order a peck of tags instead of a bushel or a gross?

PS - if you're curious about scale... that little letter E is 1/16", the anvil is the size of a post-it note and the tags are only 5mm.