checking in

elizabethcraneswartz.comwe did it. we survived 9 hockey games over 2 and a half days with stupid down time between games but not enough time to go home. one of things I've gotten really good at is saving interesting internet things with the pocket app to enjoy later. like say... in between hockey games. I know, I know. I've got feedly and evernote but in my limited research/use case I've found that I use each of those for different, more specific reasons and lately I've been using pocket more to save links, etc.. here's just a snippet of what I enjoyed this weekend -

  • just added croatia to my list of places I'd like to visit because of natalie joos
  • a week at the shore is quickly approaching and I'm looking for my next good book. it's especially interesting to me to know what david sedaris is reading this summer.
  • have you seen a hotel life? I think the idea behind traveling is spending the least amount of time possible in your hotel room but I've stayed in a few fabulous hotels on these boondoggles and it's kinda life changing. it's almost as though the hotel is the destination and I love this site for its luxurious / escapist quality.
  • speaking of hotels and escaping, I learned from boston magazine's 'summer in the city' issue that I've been missing out. I have every intention of heading to the colonnade this summer for their rooftop pool/bar for happy hour. who's with me?