blackberries in june / elizabethcraneswartz.comjust a friendly reminder that the great blackberry challenge will be happening again this summer. I'm thinking this year I might try some of the cocktails I've seen rather than strictly baking. I might be wrong but I get the feeling the rules are little more flexible than baking and you know how I like to hijack recipes. speaking of food (I know, it's a stretch) - I've been to the grocery story every single day for the last 12 days with the exception of last saturday when we were trapped at the rink. every day, people. since the kids came home from school I can't seem to keep the fridge or cabinets full. part of the problem might be that they've been experimenting with making some of their own food (successfully, I might add) and we're all trying to eat healthier. I typically use peapod for the big food restocking and that used to do the trick but now it seems that we run out of things on a daily basis.

and since you brought up being healthier (cut me some slack here) I've been to the gym two whole days in a row. CRAZY right?! the girls are doing their best to help get me back in shape and we've been experimenting with different classes. last night was zumba (thumbs down for me) and this morning abby and I introduced lulu to spinning. while I'll definitely be going back to the spinning class (it's included in our membership) I will tell you that it pales in comparison to the class abby and I took at the handle bar. there was no upper body workout, a dated playlist (think footloose and flashdance) and no groovy club lighting. I think we're taking a kickboxing class next. wish me luck.

have a fabulous weekend!