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dear kate: revolutionary underwear / first: if you're male you might not get this but feel free to stick around - you might learn something.

raise your hand if you like to think your um... 'cycle' is regular but sometimes, it's not raise your hand if you have to cross your legs to sneeze or cough raise your hand if you've had a baby (or three) raise your hand if you're over the age of 40

yeah. me, too. but I've got good news! I'd like to introduce you to dear kate, your new backup plan. this is NOT your average underwear - it's cute and comfortable but built with new technology called underlux fabric. it's designed to wick, breathe AND give you a little piece of mind while you go about your business so everyone else can mind their own.

"The inner lining is black and stain-releasing, and the underwear is machine washable, so you'll never hand wash again. A leak-resistant outer layer protects against leaks of all kinds, while wicking fabric on the inside keeps you cool and comfortable."  - HALLELUJAH

you should also know that dear kate has launched a kickstarter campaign for their new yoga pants and shorts that are "designed to give you comfort, a killer looking backside, and most importantly, freedom of movement." - genius.

want more good news? dear kate is offering my readers 25% off their first order until June 30 with the code "seagrass". YAY! what are you waiting for?

full disclosure: I was provided a complimentary pair of dear kate underwear but all opinions expressed are 100% my own