black and white

#Anthro Windfall dress / last night was lulu's initiation into the boston blogger community at a 'personal branding' event hosted by Alana of blog better boston and this is my initiation into a style post. awkward doesn't begin to cover how it feels but here goes... I picked up this 'windfall' dress at anthropologie a few months ago on super sale. like it might've been only $25. I loved the pattern, the tunic style and the comfort but I didn't love the neckline so I wear it backwards. as tim gunn says, make it work. I've worn it with several of my necklaces but here I'm wearing one of my pendants and my frye platform sandals (from forever ago. sorry) this dress looks great with heels or flats and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wear it well into the winter with great flare or boot cut jeans. lulu's still working on her post about branding and what she wore but here's a little preview with our fabulous friend janeewith janee of yellow bird yellow beard /

(here's lulu's post. I'm linking to it because she's wearing my blouse, my shoes and my purse)