mackinac island

the grand hotel at mackinac island, michigan / Bob and I were invited to join the veuve clicquot 'race to mackinac' celebrations in mackinac island last week. we'd never been and honestly, who turns down an invite from veuve cliquot? it's not the easiest place to get to. we flew from boston to toronto, canada then flew to sault sainte marie, canada then drove to st. ignace, michigan then ferried across lake huron to mackinac then took a horse drawn carriage ride up to the hotel - no cars allowed on the island. but it's all part of the charm.

grand hotel carriage rideelizabethcraneswartz.comwe stayed at the historic grand hotel with its 660 foot long front porch and CRAZY colorful decor - carleton varney is the esteemed decorator and he describes the hotel as 'a gift wrapped summer memory' (perfect right?)stripes, stars and a view / the grand hotelroom

we rode bikes for the 8 mile loop around the island and admired the beautiful rocky shoreline with crystal clear water and kooky rock towers.lake-huron towers

oh yeah. and there was a sailboat race going on - the 106th race to mackinac.mackinac island / race to mackinacand fear not, there was much champagne drinking. I'll bombard you with more pictures tomorrow and a little outfit post. YAY!