in my suitcase / fenway helped me pack for mackinac island last week. she asked what sort of events were on the schedule and I said there was a welcome cocktail party on the porch at the grand hotel. she remembered that I never got a chance to wear my sequin skirt this spring so she pulled together this fabulous look. porch party, grand hotel / elizabethcraneswartz.comhere I am with my friend dawn standing next to a nebuchadnezzar* of veuve clicquot. I'm wearing my h&m satin shirt from last fall and my awesome j. crew navy sequin mini with a pair of strappy bronze sandals.** I felt equally dressy and casual (my ideal) and I was completely comfortable because... pockets. fist bump for pockets! fenway knows me so well.

here I am with my date. fenway must've known what Bob was packing because we're both in navy with orange accents - his tie and my necklace. speaking of my necklace... this is one of my favorites that I designed last year but if you look closely, I shortened the chain and added discs so it's more of a full statement necklace and not just a bib. I think I might tinker with a few of the necklaces I have and modify them the same way. I'll let you know how it goes.

FOOTNOTES: * nebuchadnezzar: "The name of the greatest, most powerful of all babylonian kings, who ruled from the late 7th to the middle 6th century BC"  and also this bottle which holds 15 liters, or 160 glasses.

** I have two pair of strappy bronze sandals and they're both ancient. the ones not pictured above are vera wang for kohl's from 2008 and last seen here. I will cry when they finally fall apart. the shoes pictured in the top photo are by chinese laundry from loehmann's in 2005. RIP loehmann's.

*** the fabulous seersucker swimsuit in the top photo is from j. crew. I actually bought two of these so that I can have one as backup. #truth