chopped at JSD salon / elizabethcraneswartz.commy friend janee has been working with JSD salon here in boston ever since she got an AMAZING cut there during a workshop. this week owner jeffrey dauksevich was interested in someone willing to sit for a short cut for one of his in-house master classes. I've been in this limbo / benchwarmer hair funk and before I realized what happened, I raised my hand to sit for the cut. for the longest time I just sat down in the chair and said 'do whatever' and it usually worked out but in the last 4 or 5 years I've started to think more about my hair. I've noticed the texture (and actual quantity) of my hair has changed as well as my skin and complexion and I just haven't known what to do. (#thisis46) I thought maybe growing it out would be a good change but I just felt like it amplified everything I wasn't happy with. chopped at JSD salon /

I've learned that I have no idea what I'm talking about when I try to give direction about what I want in a haircut. I've realized that I'm not a hair person and don't know the first thing about caring for it or working with it. I've decided I should just go back to 'do whatever' which is exactly what I told jeffrey when he asked if anything was off limits with a cut. nope - have at it. lulu was treated to a special cut by nate while I sat through 90 minutes of instruction by jeffrey for his team. I've sat for classes before but never under the hands of the instructor and it was FASCINATING. from the technique to the decisions, the 'rules' and how to break them, and ultimately on learning to being creative.

chopped at JSD salon /

on me: big ass smile c/o JSD salon / j crew factory graphic T / design darling tortoise ring (sadly, discontinued)

success. truly. it's super short in back so I don't have to figure out how to blow it dry and it's got enough interest in the front so I have some options. I like options. how's this for options - I can actually part it both ways! lulu loved her cut by nate, too and janee was kind enough to take this 'after' picture for us.

chopped at JSD salon /

we had so much fun that morning, we brought abby back with us for some more JSD fun at their salon open house that night with a little rosé in the washing sinks and some lovely boston blogger friends.chopped at JSD salon /

L to R: lulu, abby, emily, alana, jack, janee in the back, kate, ana and moi

chopped at JSD salon /

group selfie in the salon's fabulous mirror. how glamorous is ana wearing her ecs necklace?

chopped at JSD salon / chopped at JSD salon /

on me: simple gray T, new faux wrap H&M skirt (not available online?), 'vintage' nine west mules

apparently the girls are still trying to determine their 'better side' so ana was kind enough to take several photos. I know I'm their mother but I honestly think all of their sides are beautiful and no, I'm not just saying that.