blueberry picking / jack left for school this weekend (don't get me started) - he and Bob headed out early saturday morning so the girls and I decided to take a mini road trip of our own to maine. (true story: it's a little embarrassing to admit but I grew up in massachusetts and I've never been to maine.) our objective was to start in kittery at the outlets (duh) and then explore the nearby seaside town of ogunquit. how hard could that be?

the weather was beautiful which meant a zillion other people had the same idea so it turned out to be incredibly hard. technically, I can now say I've been to maine but in reality all I've done is go to an outlet mall and eat a famous flo's hot dog. the traffic was ridiculous (30 minutes to drive 3 miles on route 1) so we bailed and did a little 'pick your own' in new hampshire on the way back.blueberry picking / elizabethcraneswartz.comblueberry picking / elizabethcraneswartz.compints /

we googled 'pick your own blueberries' and the closest farm was only 20 minutes and on our way home - applecrest farms in exeter, new hampshire. not only was there still blueberries to be picked but we showed up on the first day of peach picking. we basically had the place to ourselves and after spending hours in the car it was great to be out in the sun.peach picking / elizabethcraneswartz.compeach picking /

I felt a little guilty cheating on my blackberries but I assured them when I got home that these peaches and blueberries are only meant to compliment them. I've been on foodily searching great summer fruit recipes and I think I've found some winners.peach picking /