summer reading

elizabethcraneswartz.comthis is me, asking you, if you've done your summer reading yet. growing up, my brother would rather spend his time outside moving & doing but my sister and I were voracious readers - we still are. I'd always hoped my kids would be, too but for them reading entirely depends on finding the perfect book. now with the internet/iPhone there's so many other ways to be entertained. [I will say that jack has come to love reading, especially the jack reacher and harry höle* series.] both girls have to read unbroken by laura hillenbrand this summer - one girl is hoping we forget to ask her about it and the other devoured it in 3 days. not only did she love unbroken but she's since ticked off 3 more books from the stash on my kindle.

with my recent travel and some lazy beach time this summer I've been reading a lot and thought I'd share. if you're curious for more reads I keep track over on goodreads - I try to remember to leave an actual review and not just stars. pro tip: I always read the 1-3 star reviews of a book I'm considering and not the 4-5 star reviews. it's a little backwards but I figure I'll learn more about whether it's something I'd like based on what you didn't like. does that make sense? summer reading / 2014 -

TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME - it's as though carol rifka brunt wrote this for self-conscious, 14 year old me and it's a perfect mixture of heartbreak and hope. I highly recommend this one. WITH OR WITHOUT YOU - domenica ruta grew up on the north shore of boston in the 90's and I loved this memoir the same way I loved running with scissors. if you enjoy augusten bourrough's style of story telling - shocking, hilarious, blunt and poignant - as much as I do then this book's for you. WE WERE LIARS - technically this suspense novel by e. lockhart falls under the YA category but who cares. set in new england in the summer with an unexpected twist. I can't remember how I heard about this book but it was quick, quirky and I wasn't disappointed. [thumbs up from lulu, too] THE INVENTION OF WINGS - if you loved the secret life of bees then give sue monk kidd's latest novel about slavery and women's rights a read. it's set in early nineteenth century charlotte, nc and told from the point of view of two real women in american history. AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES - another quick YA read but this one's by john green. the story of a child prodigy and his friend on a road trip after graduation. he attempts to sort out mathematically why he keeps getting his heart broken by girls named katherine. it's not as fabulous as fault in our stars but I enjoyed green's clever style. THE VACATIONERS - 'everyone' is reading emma staub's book which is usually my cue to NOT read something but I was in a hurry to download before a flight and well... meh. it's definitely fluff, which I don't have a problem with I just didn't like a single character in the book. THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY - truth? I read this book by richard c morais because I grew up with the rule that you couldn't see the movie until you read the book and I've stuck by it.  I saw the trailer for the movie and I'm a die-hard helen mirren fan so it was required reading. I LOVED the first 2/3 thirds but the last 1/3 became less about the characters and more about technical food prep and it dragged a little. I'm still planning to see the movie - I'll let you know how it goes. THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU - I just started this and I'm loving it. technically it follows my 'book before movie' rule but I'm a huge fan of jonathan tropper (how to talk to a widower is one of my favorites) this has some serious sexual language which might not be your thing but if you like nick hornby then you'll probably enjoy this as well. check out the trailer for the movie and tell me you're not interested.

so what are you reading this summer?

* if you couldn't get enough of the girl with the dragon tattoo series then you'll love these. I promise.