blackberry challenge, 2014 edition

blackberry chia jam / elizabethcraneswartz.comit's sad but this is the only blackberry challenge 2014 recipe you'll see here. don't get me wrong, the blackberries this year were OUTSTANDING, and prolific, after the heavy pruning this spring but I just couldn't get my act together so I've been giving them away by the quart. I'm especially disappointed that the GREAT MEAL OF BLACKBERRIES never happened. (there's still a chance this will happen just not chez moi - I'll let you know if Alex pulls it off)blackberry chia jam /

disclaimer: tim gunn was not harmed in the making of this jam

if I'm only going to post one recipe then I'm glad it's this one - a blackberry chia jam. I found it over on the kitchn and I loved that it was super easy, healthy and versatile. after our peach picking I had some flavorful but not very soft peaches so this was a great way to use a few of them right away. I've made this twice now and doubled the recipe the second time to freeze some up for this winter. I've guiltlessly enjoyed large dollops of this jam on oatmeal, in yogurt, on shortcake, with biscuits, on waffles and straight off the spoon - it's just that good.blackberry chia jam / elizabethcraneswartz.comblackberry chia jam / elizabethcraneswartz.comblackberry chia jam /

the only ingredients not shown are the lemon juice and honey. it's literally that easy. no added sugar or cornstarch - just the honey for a little sweetness and the chia seeds to thicken. blackberry chia jam /

kid approved and Bob approved. fenway still prefers her blackberries raw. blackberry chia jam /