in my closet (sort of)

color palette inspiration / elizabethcraneswartz.comI've been purging dead weight from my closet. I eliminated things before our last move and I've been better in these last six years about buying carefully and spending wisely and yet I still end up with plenty to donate. it's been happening in fits and spurts over the last few weeks for a bunch of reasons:

  • when I go to put away laundry and can't fit stuff in the drawer
  • I come home with something fabulous and don't have enough hangers
  • I can't find something and think the girls have pilfered it but it's just buried
  • sometimes I've tried something on three (or four or even five) times and I just can't make it work the way I want it to
  • I even have a bag of stuff that skipped the donation pile and went straight into the garbage
  • and in all seriousness, I've held onto a few things WAY too long waiting for the day that I'll fit into them again - that's a crummy feeling

one of the benefits is finding things you forgot you had or wearing something in a new way - I should bring back my #lostandfound and #whatsoldisnewagain IG outfit series. another idea is making a little money to replenish the well, so to speak. but an unexpected benefit is the stack above: I love love LOVE the color palette. it was entirely an accident, you see. I organize everything by 'kind' (sweaters, skirts, pants, etc) and within each 'kind' I color coordinate so these items would never be caught dead next to each other.

I've been sketching out a few new necklace ideas and I really hope I can make this work.

PS - I know there are a bunch of ways to sell the great (but not great for me) stuff but I just don't have time. PPS - that's not exactly true. it's faulty DNA, I'm sure, but it takes me WEEKS to return things even when there's a pre-paid mailing label inside so how on earth would I ever get you your 'new to you' stuff? PPPS - this is also the same reason I'm not allowed to borrow books from the library. for what I spend in overdue fees, I could've bought the book.