boston waterfront / just checking in. how was your weekend? do anything fun? try anything new?

I kicked off the weekend friday night with my friend Alex while she got a significant amount of hair choppped - we celebrated/mourned it with drinks during and after. on saturday Bob and I wandered around the fort point area of boston, sweating and drinking and getting used to be just the two of us again. sunday was a project day - a little cooking (I use the term loosely), a little studio time and finally fixing my knit font download issue.

at least once a month I get a lovely email or comment saying the link to download the font I created doesn't work. I usually just reply to the email and include the font but I realized I could make this so much easier on myself and everyone looking - a clickable sidebar button. I know, right? what took me so long? and if you hadn't heard, buzzfeed listed my font in their TOP 20 LIFE-CHANGING FONTS last summer so there's that.