high point university hockey /

#23 in net is mine. you can see the blurry puck on his stick at the bottom of "reebok'

i just wanted to report back on our parents' weekend at high point and I'm calling it a success. Jack's thriving and succeeding and happy in his junior year and that's all you can really hope for. we made sure to stock up his fridge, we took care of the bio-hazard in his kitchen and treated him to a few meals out. in exchange we got to watch the season opener for the high point hockey team against UNC Chapel Hill with Jack in net for the first period.

last week Jack asked if I could bring my camera and get pictures during the game. I told him that Lulu has my good, but old, canon rebel for her digital photo class but said I would look into renting a camera through last  year I rented a wide angle lens from them and was really impressed with their operation. I figured if I rented it for two weeks I could get one of the girls' field hockey games, his home opener AND Bob's cousin's wedding this coming weekend. I started looking at getting a rebel like mine but got sidetracked by the canon EOS 7D - one of my dream cameras. I reasoned that if I was going to rent something, why not try a REAL camera with a real lens. SOLD. I picked it up last tuesday after work and spent AT LEAST an hour that night reading the online manual and another 2 hours reading tutorials for sports photography, indoor photography, indoor sports photography, etc etc.kent school field hockey /

thing 3 on offense with a pulled hip flexer

voila! I will admit that it took at least 15 minutes to get the settings right at the field the next day and it's much harder than it looks. ISO, AV setting vs TV setting, action, composition and all while trying to actually watch the game. I'm not winning any awards with my shots but they are significantly better than what my old camera puts out even if some of them are grainy or squidgy.kent school field hockey /

thing 1 getting a whistle blown for her penalty - you can't put yourself between the ball and your opponent and particularly not with your backside. it's a dumb rule but it's still a rule. #icehockeyisbetter

the lens I rented with the canon 7D is a Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0L zoom lens. (truth: I have very little knowledge about the specifics behind that other than I can take 'as the eye sees' photos and zoom things closer) the zoom lens I have makes it very hard to take regular posed group photos like say, at a wedding so I wanted to make sure I had one lens, that's not too big and not too small because I have to travel with it and also works in sports AND 'portrait' photography.high point hockey /

one of the more irritating things about hockey rinks? the glass is really marked up and makes it very hard to get a crisp shot. also, the ISO was really high so it's grainier than I would've liked.

all in all I'm really glad I've got a chance to try the camera and I'm anxious to see how it works in chicago with the wedding/family fun. if nothing else, I have this great shot of fenway to demonstrate my knowledge of depth of field...#fenwayfotos /