lately I should probably stop titling these random friday posts 'lately' since i'm not exactly sharing what's been going on lately. although today, I can tell you that lately, I've been listening to audio books for my long CT roundtrip drives.

I tried a john grisham 'book on tape' (#flashbackfriday) once and I spaced out so many times I had to keep rewinding to figure out what I missed. I just figured it wasn't for me. also, I never felt like I actually READ the book even though all the words had been digested. but these rides are boring and there's really only so many times one can listen to 'all about that base' before one loses her mind (it's on EVERY radio and satelite station) and the news stations are so depressing so I've been looking for some other way to fill the solo car rides.

for my first audio book I gave tina fey's bossypants a try and I loved it. LOVED IT. because it's narrated by tina it felt like we were on the phone together and she was telling me all these great stories. also, because they're stories it's easier to stop and start and I don't feel like I have to sit in the car to find out what happens next. last week, I downloaded lena dunham's not that kind of girl and she didn't disappoint. again, it's like I had a private reading by lena, just the two of us in my car and the miles just disappeared. I now have a list of short stories/biographies that I can't wait to listen to like bj novak's one more thing: stories and more stories and mindy kaling's book and even alan cumming's autobiography.

one downside is that I can't bookmark my favorite passages. I can create a digital bookmark but then I'd have to go back and transcribe my favorite lines or parts while sitting in my car. who's got time for that?

quick question: why are audio books so expensive? take mindy kaling's book. if i download for my kindle it's only $5, actual book in my hand is $14 but an audio book download is almost $21. does anyone know how share audio books? does the library loan digital files like that?