random thoughts on age and style


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I find myself gravitating towards certain women in media. women I imagine to be genuine, successful and interesting. they're usually roughly my age. (truth? I will read anything written about or by jenna lyons and I love this piece about bobbi brown) I'm always interested to hear the how and what and why of their style. what's behind the whole package? and then I read this interview with frances mcdormand last week and I was struck by her honesty and the truth of what she says -

“there’s no desire to be an adult. adulthood is not a goal. it’s not seen as a gift. something happened culturally: no one is supposed to age past 45 — sartorially, cosmetically, attitudinally. everybody dresses like a teenager. everybody dyes their hair. everybody is concerned about a smooth face.”

it's no secret that I'm one of the older women in this boston bloggers community but it's never bothered me and I don't think it's been a big deal for anyone else. in fact, I've made some incredible friends and connected with like-minded peers. it's interesting though that most of the women I find I have the most in common with in real life are also almost half my age and would seem to have very little in common on paper but they're creative and curious and interesting and genuine. my kind of people. if I had to guess, I'd say some of the things I have in common with these young women is that they're in the process of learning who they are, finding their style and creating a life. I'm just working on myself at a later stage.

I gravitate to women, in the media AND in real life, who look like they're comfortable in their own skin. women who like their insides AND their outsides. my mother has been an incredible example and ultimately, I'd like to be that example for my girls AND my girlfriends.