an oldie but a goodie

the erin necklace /

blue sweater from uniqlo / old black blazer from zara

I can't believe it was almost two years ago that I made this necklace after seeing a photo on pinterest from the two penny blue blog. I loved the jewel tones and just knew I could make it wearable. I named it 'erin' after one half of the two penny blue founders (also known as elements of style) and it's extra special because I wore it while meeting erin gates.

PS - I used my self timer again but the actual iphone camera, not the front-facing camera, which means better quality. the downside is that you can only see the top half of what I'm wearing but the point is to show the necklace so it all works out. trust me when I say I'm wearing one of 5 things - distressed jeans, dark wash jeans, white jeans, black tailored pants or a black skirt. you'll just have to use your imagination. (to be read aloud as spongebob squarepants playing in his idiot box)

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