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star ornament DIY / elizabethcraneswartz.comwe're headed to my parents' for thanksgiving this year and while I'm contributing to some of the food I thought it might fun to dust off one of my favorite projects to jazz up our thanksgiving place settings. it's a little sparkle and a whole lot handmade and really, it's a twofer - place card holders for thanksgiving and then ornaments for the holidays. seriously easy to do and NO MESS. like, it's so easy, I once taught an entire 5th grade class how to make these. here's what you'll need:star ornament DIY / elizabethcraneswartz.comyou can pick up each of these things at any craft store. you could probably get them at a home depot-type store, too. entirely up to you. I went with gold wire but silver or copper wire would also be fabulous. how great would it be if you mixed your metals?? you could even spray paint your finished star the color of your choice. shall we begin? first, make a loop with the 20 gauge wire (ie: the thicker wire) and twist the end around itself. next, place the loop at the top of one of the points of the star cookie cutter (note: the thicker and sturdier the cookie cutter, the better) and start wrapping the wire around the outside of the star. I suggest wrapping it two times around but if you feel like more, knock yourself ornament DIY /

once you've wrapped the wire around at least twice, use the wire cutters and cut close to the start at the top loop then twist that end around the 'neck'. slip the wire shape off the cookie cutter and take a moment to admire your work.

star ornament DIY /

next, take the 26 gauge wire, cut it into a 2 yard length (give or take) and wrap one end tightly around the 'neck' to secure it. then, start wrapping the wire loosely around your star shape in a random and pleasing manner. wrap across the star and around the points until you reach the end but this time, just tuck or wrap the end where ever you finish - there's no real technique here except to keep it loose. if you wrap it too tightly, the star tends to lose its ornament DIY / elizabethcraneswartz.comstar ornament DIY / elizabethcraneswartz.comI tied a pretty satin ribbon to dress it up a little (and to later hang it on the tree), created a quick name tag and slipped both ends thru the wire to secure. maybe you're a guest for dinner and looking for a hostess gift? write a message or saying to thank your hosts and then all the guests have a sweet favor to take home and enjoy. star ornament DIY / elizabethcraneswartz.comstar ornament DIY / elizabethcraneswartz.comtable

I feel like I should mention that I am not the inventor of this project but I can't remember where I learned it almost 14 years ago. it wouldn't surprise me if it came from martha stewart but I can't be certain.