in my closet

classic pieces / elizabethcraneswartz.comI love me a black turtleneck. truth? when I find one I like, with just the right fit, I'll buy two or three and 'save' them. I'm down to the last of the three I bought at gap a couple years ago and I've been on the hunt to replenish my stash. this year I've found not one but TWO great classic pieces at the perfect price points to stock up - zara has a beautiful ribbed version (shown above) and uniqlo has a classic merino version. I bought the zara version in navy, too and you can never go wrong with one (or two) in charcoal grey/gray. I've had my eye on this joe fresh ribbed number, too I found this piece on the j. crew blog about having a uniform - something I adopted years ago. mine isn't literally 2 signature pieces but more a handful of tops and 3 or 4 bottoms that I wear religiously. think jeans (distressed and a dark wash), tailored black pants, white jeans and a black skirt mixed with white t-shirts, white button downs, black turtlenecks, a gray cashmere sweater and a good striped t-shirt. they're comfortable, classic and I always feel put together when I'm wearing them. basically, I can pack a suitcase in 3 minutes flat and survive for a week with just rotating combinations. it's not too far off from the idea of a capsule wardrobe (caroline of unfancy has a great blog if you're looking for more info) but instead of limiting myself to 30 pieces I use these 8-10 as a base and work from there. if I've got the time or I'm feeling creative, I dress in characters depending on my mood and the weather and have some fun.