shop update (sort of)

hand painted necklace by elizabeth crane swartz / elizabethcraneswartz.bigcartel.comlike I said, I've been working on all kinds of new necklaces and this cobalt and copper cluster is one of my favorites. the beads remind me of pumpkin seeds and they're not flat, so they bunch up in an interesting way. it's one of my favorites and as recent history has proven, my aunt kate snapped this one up. but I'm working on putting together another for the shop as well a couple more in different colorways. I'll let you know as soon as it's listed. and this shirt? it's a recent find from express in a fabulous tie-silk pattern and it fits like a dream. not pictured above are my go-to madewell jeans and cobalt blue suede pumps (mine appear to be sold out but there's always those j. crew beauties). and let's hear it for self-timer apps because I've decided my arms aren't long enough for this selfie business.