studio update

private shopping / elizabethcraneswartz.commy mother and her sisters have been HUGE supporters of mine since the very beginning of elizabeth crane swartz jewelry. and not just with their wallets but with encouragement and feedback and endless passing out of business cards. for this I am forever grateful and it was especially great to host them for a 'studio' tour a few weekends ago when they were up for my parents' anniversary surprise. it was great to hear their feedback (longer, more beads, yes to this color, more of that, etc) especially since they're in what I would consider the sweet spot of my ideal clientele group. one of the other benefits was a little private shopping and they wiped me out of the pieces I've been wearing. I guess that should be my first clue on what would do well. to say I've been in a creative slump lately would be an understatement but I miss those necklaces and that lit a creative fire under my craft ass. I've been busy recreating a couple pieces for myself AND working on new ideas. it feels SO GOOD to be excited to paint

a little sneak peak. you'll have to wait and see but think 280 beads in shades of green and blue.