bib necklace 2.0

hand painted necklace inspired by doug & gene meyer / elizabethcraneswartz.comonce upon a time, way back in 2012 I created my first ever bib necklace and named it after the meyer brothers because their rugs and ties were my inspiration. it was exciting, too because doug & gene meyer themselves re-pinned this necklace onto their 'circles and dots' board.  (you can read all about it here) earlier this year I added beads to another bib style necklace of mine because I wanted more of a statement and I loved the new look. bib necklace 2.0 if you will. when my aunt was in town in october I showed her the newer necklace and she asked if I could update her original meyer bros necklace.

can I? heck yes, I can. hand painted necklace inspired by doug & gene meyer / elizabethcraneswartz.comI was hoping to get a shot of it on the mannequin so you could see how it varies from the original but we've had days of gray skies and rain so I can't get a good shot. (not that the top photo is fabulous...) so you'll have trust me when I say it comes as low as the first necklace but the beads go up higher, with less chain, on the sides.

game plan going forward? more beads.