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you do you print by sarah tolzman / note to self

print by sarah tolzman / note to self

aside from an occasional instagramtweet or sports update, I don't usually share what's going on with my children because it's not really my story to tell and I respect their privacy. we spent time over thanksgiving break talking thru some things and it got me thinking - I think there are overarching realizations/answers that come from some of our conversations and I think they're worth sharing. I'm working on how best to do that without burning any bridges.

take this ongoing conversation: it's hard to navigate school and responsibility and relationships as a teenager. honestly, it doesn't get much easier as a grown up either but if I can impart one piece of advice to my children it's this - learn to like yourself because if you don't, not many other people will. learn to like yourself and the rest will either fall into place or fall away. and you need to let it fall away.

unfortunately, I don't have an easy answer on the HOW to like yourself but you could start with being kinder and gentler to yourself. seriously. and trust yourself more - you're smarter than you think. and whatever you do, stop trying to 'fit in'.

if you don't believe me, then trust this gem from 93 year old iris apfel:

"knowing yourself is not the easiest thing in the world... and you have to look in the mirror. I think that's the greatest fashion faux pas is people look in the mirror and they see somebody else."

(excerpt taken from the chatroom with manrepeller)