card art '14

handmade holiday cards / elizabethcraneswartz.comum, december is almost over. what happened to the time?? apparently time moved so quickly I didn't get my annual card art in the mail until the day AFTER christmas. hopefully at this point those that are on the receiving end of these handmade cards have them in their hot little hands and I can reveal this year's design. and tough luck if you're seeing this for the first time here because you haven't been collecting your mail while vacationing somewhere on a tropical island with a fruity drink in your hot little hands. handmade holiday cards / elizabethcraneswartz.coma few fun facts:

  • this was the actually the second design idea I had for this year
  • I went with the second because the first was almost identical to my 2010 card - oops
  • I addressed envelopes first this time so I knew my final numbers
  • I used three kinds of paper, rubber cement, an exacto knife and ribbon
  • each 'holly leaf' was individually cut by hand
  • I enlisted the girls for help this year - I'd be sunk without them
  • lulu cut the ribbon pieces and trimmed the photos
  • walgreens offers 4"x 4" photos but on 4"x 6" paper
  • abby applied logo stickers and affixed photos (covering the ribbon backside)
  • I used rubber cement for the front and double stick tape for the photos
  • I'm dying to try to silk screen for #cardart - just not sure when....

handmade holiday cards / elizabethcraneswartz.comhandmade holiday cards /

know this: I will get #cardart started no later than november next year. I love making and sending them but I don't love feeling rushed or pressured.

and a favorite outtake from this year's backyard photo attempts - handmade holiday cards / art from christmases past - 2011, 2012 and 2013)