countdown to take off

vacation mode / mentally, I'm all packed for puerto rico. in reality? it's still in list form in my head. aside from the obvious beach wear and some casual walking around clothes I'm a little stumped about what to pack. it's a work boondoggle and the only direction given with the itinerary was 'resort casual' and our first dinner will be a 'white party' - both ideas are pretty loose and open to some interesting interpretation. I tend to over dress (and over pack) and aside from my white skin, I really have zero in my closet that would work for a white party. abby and I spent a boatload of time over the holiday break searching online for something special. one dress showed up but the other is 'in transit'. fingers crossed it shows up before I leave because I really like options to make game-time decisions.

if I get my act together I'll whip up a little 'what's in my suitcase' post but if that doesn't happen you can always catch up on instagram.

photo from a special boondoggle / anniversary trip last year to marco island