happy new year!

2015 recipe from domestikatedlife.com / elizabethcraneswartz.comin years past, I've written recap of sorts which includes my original plans/ideas and how things actually panned out. inevitably life gets in the way of business/ideas and plans change and 2014 was no different so I'm not worried about holding myself accountable for ALL of last year. instead, I'm counting my collective year as experience, knowledge and lessons learned - all good things. my friend kate whipped this up, threw in a couple fun poppers and it arrived just in time for a little new year's fun. I loved her sweet gesture and I'm inspired by her wishes for a 2015 jammed packed with sentimentality, kindness and old fashion fun. I'm calling this a 'recipe' for my 2015.

and as for 'exciting new possibilities'? I've come up with a few ideas -

  • I'm on the hunt for a silk screen class and I'm hoping artisan's asylum adds another class to their schedule
  • they've got a sweet jewelry making class as well - I just wish it wasn't on a saturday/game day
  • also - free marketing biz advice tailored to makers? heck yes
  • travel more - I'm headed to puerto rico in a couple weeks for the first time. I'm really interested in figuring out how to add more destinations to my calendar

anyone else cooking up some 'exciting new possibilities'?