vacation reads

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I've been getting ready for puerto rico in all the usual ways - list-making, packing, pet sitting and my absolute favorite part: downloading books.

I wish I read more at home but like I've said before, I hate having to pick up/put down a book. I'd much rather plow through it in one sitting and airplanes and beaches are the perfect excuse to dive right in. I keep track of 'to read' and 'read' over on goodreads but for some reason I wait until I'm sitting at the gate, waiting to board, to download a book. panic usually sets in as I scroll through my 'bookshelf', or my friends' bookshelves, trying to find the perfect one before I'm trapped mid-air without wifi to change my mind. I've even done the 'text a friend' quiz to get a recommendation - "quick! you read _________ and __________ - which one should I read right now??!!" which usually works out but it's pretty inconvenient for the contestant.

but it's 2015 now so no more half-assed crapshoots. this time, I'm ready. I've already consulted reviews, read a few blog posts and chosen and downloaded three books to start my five day trip (fingers crossed I get to read more) here goes:

the cuckoo's calling (robert galbraith) the thirteenth tale (diane setterfield) all the light we cannot see (anthony doerr)

I really hope the cuckoo's calling is good because there's a second book and I love me a series. robert galbraith is really j.k. rowling but I understand this book is nothing like the harry potter series*. I don't know much about the thirteenth tale or all the light we cannot see but they sound really good and the negative reviews didn't deter me. (I read the one and two stars reviews - it says more for me than a positive review.) so let's hear it - what's on your bookshelves? real or virtual.

* truth? the only harry potter I've ever read was when jack was nine and I helped him finish a book. we were leaving the next day on a trip and he was bringing the ginormous, 870 page fifth book so there was no way I was going to carry the 734 page fourth book, too. he had 150 pages left so I read it aloud to help speed up the process. I found it to be one of the hardest things I've read.