in my closet

classic pieces / elizbabethcraneswartz.comnow that I've got a little more room in my closet I feel less guilty about adding this beauty. I have a similar coat from talbot's (best find of 2009 - $279 marked down to $25) but it's more a spring coat and much too thin to wear in the winter so I nabbed this h&m bouclé coat before I lost out. here's why:

  • I love that vintage WWDDW* look
  • it's lined
  • has a really sweet 3/4 sleeve
  • the loose fit means I can layer it up (or rather, under) without feeling like I'm in a straight jacket
  • how great would it look 'haphazardly' belted?
  • let's face it - there's only so much black a person can stand

classic pieces / elizbabethcraneswartz.comthis old lookbook photo from emerson fry is the perfect example of how I'll be wearing it all winter long and it'll easily transition right into spring. all it needs for 'now' is a cozy scarf and long gloves.

* WWDDW (or what would doris day wear) is one of my guiding style principles with a pinterest board to match