elizabethcraneswartz.comradishes.and leeks and brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes and parsnips. these are a few of the things I stocked up on this weekend when the second blizzard of 2015 was on its way. (PS almost 80 inches have fallen in boston in the last three weeks) they're not your average survival food but I've done a bunch of 'research' on this whole30 thing and I'm thinking I might give it a try.

I know a few people who've done it and have assured me it's not impossible. I've heard great things about the way they felt afterwards and the changes they saw. while it doesn't seem like rocket science it will be a HUGE lifestyle change for me.

  • no dairy - I have yogurt every morning for breakfast and add cheese to EVERYTHING
  • no wine - this needs no explanation
  • no chocolate/sugar - ugh
  • reading labels - I've been brand loyal for years and can't stand grocery shopping
  • no snacking - I typically snack my way thru the day instead of eating actual meals
  • cooking - like 3 meals a day for 30 days. I've made it very clear that I don't enjoy cooking. at all.

I've got a few things standing in my way of being totally successful. first, it wouldn't have been very valentine-like if we couldn't "celebrate" this past weekend. also, I like a logical start and end date, not a random day in the middle of the month. not to mention I stocked up on food when the kids were home last week and most of it isn't whole30 compliant and I'm not about to waste it all. and the biggest issue of all is the kids' spring break will fall during the next 30 days and I'm not interested in managing this while we're away.

but I was 85% whole30 compliant all weekend. after I scoured the @whole30recipes account on instagram for some idea of what kind of project this might look like, I printed out a shopping list from the whole30 site and hit the store. in addition to the dedicated instagram account, I clicked thru to some of the guest posters' websites for more inspiration and recipes. I spent most of sunday preparing vegetables, assembling some make-ahead breakfasts and basically figuring out what I'll eat and how and I plan to do my best to stick to the rules until I come up with an actual start date.

if you've done this I'd love to know your go to meals or any tips you might have. and just a heads up - I'm in no way becoming a food blogger but I do plan to document a few things here for shits and giggles.